Người Buôn Gió - Thought of Đồng Chiêm from Văn Giang

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    Apr 28, 2013
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    Vietnamese Original Text by Người Buôn Gió
    English Version by Tâm Như



    Thought of Đồng Chiêm from Văn Giang


    Beaten by Vĩnh Yên policemen in Văn Giang a year ago, two famous journalists of The Voice of Vietnamese Radio (VOV) official get authorities’ apology and great compensation today. It was really a large sum of money, so that they're afraid of to take all but offered to give back some. The way "in return" might be called "good manner" or well behavior.

    The chief of the secretariat of Hưng Yên province first said strongly that, there’s no way any journalist to be beaten, he confirmed hostile forces created fake video clips, or they were framed to smear the good repute of regime. His statements were in response to some people. On forums or web sites, several guys were highly inspired "to find out" these or those points as like as evidences to be framed in clips. Some even certified that was a trap, someone else wanted to provoke policemen into making an assault, then others put point-and-shot camera.

    People who made video clips might be neither to wait for the excuse of the chief of the secretariat of Hưng Yen province, nor expect to get copyright or consent of the copyright owner for their video clips. The compensation paid two journalists more or less to emphasize that, the fact they were beaten was true, and the video clips weren’t framed.

    In reviewing happy ending of two journalist who contributed to VOV Radio, it was so painful if thinking of liberal journalists’ fates, who themselves did report real informations, never cut or distorted as like as correspondants who were employees of state-run news agency. For example Nguyễn Ngọc Năm was beaten so that his lips was swollen, but he still hoaxed, reported fake news Văn Giang was enforced successful harmony, even though he himself did witness a fireball, smoke, and gunshots rose at the gloomy scene. Soldiers looked like powerful army entered Troy City, Mr. Năm himself and his colleague – Hán Tử Long – were beaten by allied troops of government, including policemen and guards at Ecopark.

    A few years ago there was a coerciveness at Đồng Chiêm parish in Mỹ Đức district. Thousands of policemen entered the remote, secluded, and thinly populated parish to enforce a single crucifix. Liberal catholic freelancer JB Nguyễn Hữu Vinh came in the scene; when he drove his motorcycle to come in, a pile of dirt suddenly blocked the street. During the time he turned back for finding out the cause, he was beaten fiercely by a crowd including uniformed policemen, civil defence, and officers wore casuals. His camera was also robbed.

    After beating Nguyễn Hữu Vinh, the crowd didn’t leave, they even stayed for watching who helped the victim. As two friends took him to the church for treating, they still saw violators were careless, unhurried and laughed heartless.

    A week later Nguyễn Hữu Vinh, who was a freelancer, was controlled by strangers. He received the security authorities’ invitation papers many times; they wanted to question him what involved in Đồng Chiêm parish.

    By their professional measures, policemen quickly verified JB Nguyễn Hữu Vinh neither was beaten nor robbed his camera. All things were rumors!!! The authorities’s questions were like this: "You’re a parishioner of Eight Village, weren’t you?" "Why did you come there? You carried your camera, what for?" "Who were witnesses?" "Were there any video clips, pictures? etc." With the policemen’s investigation had staged to suspects, the victim just sighed and asked Heaven!

    But Heaven was so high and very far in Việt Nam. It was so hard if He would like to hear what were ups and downs of life on earth

    The fates of reporters who worked for the state-run news agency, and freelancers and liberal journalists’ were treated so different. Because of misunderstanding Hán Tử Long and Nguyễn Ngọc Năm were liberal reporters, so "allied troops of government" beat them fiercely. Then authorities' investigations concluded that "No beating any one at Văn Giang, faked video clips were framed by reactionary forces."

    Both Hán Tử Long anh Nguyễn Ngọc Năm couldn’t break a new ground in that case. They could demand a little bit fair, that meant they’re luckier than their colleagues who were named "left side." It was obviously that, their claims couldn’t success without their superviors’ agreements at VOV, and the senior officers’ at the police agency of Vĩnh Yên province. Both sides – who had to beat or were beaten - were also paid by "payroll," so it was very difficult if they would like to show their own ideas.

    However their compensation couldn’t present any good thing. It was just a resolving way, let the authorities’ internal relations were better than. People felt unfair because the cases of Nguyễn Hữu Vinh or Nguyễn Chí Đức couldn’t be clarified by justice. What they did just let public knew clearly that, the government’s actions tried to mean they have never been above the law with any one else, they only did what so-called implicit rules between governmental agencies together.

    From Văn Giang to Đồng Chiêm may be our country’s constitution and law had to divide two kinds of people, in order to carry out its mission successfully; one constitution and law to protect power elites and another for oppressed people. So public had to accept at the end of the day, and that’s the way to study deeply about communism, there was no need to look for where was central argument council?

    Note - Even though pictures in this writing took and searched at many different web sites, but the author used them and confirmed you also could, without consent of the copyright owner. Because the photographer was a citizen, and did take them for serving people.

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