Nguyễn Văn Thạnh – My Diary About The Meetings With PA61 – The Security Agency of Da Nang City

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    Feb 10, 2013
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    Vietnamese Orginal Text by Nguyễn Văn Thạnh

    English Version by Tâm Như, Editor of Dân Luận On Line News



    Nguyen Van Thanh – My Diary About The Meetings With PA61 – The Security Agency of Da Nang City

    The author sent to Dan Luan News On Line

    Since I registered to be the member of The Viet Nam Path Movement, I knew those things did happen.

    3:30pm January 15, 2013

    -(The sounds knocked the door) "Mr. Thanh’s at home?"

    -"Yes, I am. Who’s that?"

    -"My name’s N, the policeman works at An Hai Ward. We have the invitation paper to hand you."

    -"Come in, please."


    The policeman, who gave me the invitation paper, was younger than me, he wore casual clothes but dark green socks, which symbolized the police.

    -"You are the policeman, why you don’t wear your uniforms and badges."

    - "Well, I just give you the invitation paper. That’s it."

    I took a look the paper

    To: Mr (Mrs) Nguyen Van Thanh


    8am January 16, 2013, please come to The Police Agency of Da Nang City
    Address: 80 L. L. H.C District

    Reason: Clarifying some of issues related to Hemophilia Club.

    What a little bit surprise! The Hemophilia Club was formed in 2006, when my friend and I was students. Our purpose targeted to explain a genetic disorder of the mechamism of blood clotting, and suggested (Heath Department ) to give some medical policies for the patients. But our club no longer worked, we just kept our information in our website:

    -"This club was formed for a long time – nearly seven years- The policemen never cared what’s going on, why all of you involed ours in this time?"

    -"I know nothing. All I have to do gives you the invitation paper."

    After the policeman sat on the chair, I saw the paper, and said:

    -"I have no time now. I can’t come to the police office tomorrow morning."

    "-You’re a citizen, any time the authority gives you the invitation paper, you have to oblige to present on time."

    -"I think that, according to democratic constitutions of our state, citizens and authorities are equal. Citizens have to take care of their own lives and duties. The authorities have to pay attention to their own responsibilities. Citizens pay their taxes to hire state employees to take care of public tasks, such as: preventing social security, assured social order. The employees of government have to take attentive of what they were doing their duties. You can’t "throw" your paper, and demand some one else to hurry to see you, and say "Your Majesty." That image only sees in a monarch or a dictatorial regime."

    -"Citizens have to be responsible to coordinate with agencies of government."

    - "I do be the liberal citizen, not a criminal. This is only an invitation paper. I’d like to volunteer coordinating with the authority. I have no time now. If you want me to go with you, that means I have to cancel my job. That’s fine! But I do claim my interest loss, and you have to pay the compensation for me. The amount of money depends on our agreement."

    -"Well, take your invitation paper. Tomorrow morning you only spend ten minutes, pass by our station, and let my chiefs know you’re busy."

    -"No, I’m busy. No can take any invitation in this time."

    During the time the young policeman and I argued about the liberty, the equality, the democratic constitutions of our state, the authorities’ tasks, the citizens’ duties, etc. I firmly defended my opinions. Finally he left.

    Formerly, when I have just joined The Viet Nam Path Movement, and publicly announced my name, the policemen came my native village at Binh Dinh province to investigate my background. They also examined systematically whether any one in my big families and relatives, who used to be military officers, or senior officers of the old government before April 30, 1975, or who were reactionaries. Their actions made my parents feel nervous. They had to face intensifying pressure. They endlessly called me, asked my young brother came my house to take away my computer, they wanted to shut down any kinds of means let me no could link "reactionaries." My family’s atmosphere of that time was really escalating high tension. Not only had my family to face severe stress, but my wife’s also suffered the same bad situation. The policemen wanted to force all of us under their surveillance. I suddenly became a bad guy, a menacing figure, who "idleness is the root of all evil." I also was a "professional reactionary," a stupid man who was going to jail. From that day until now, gradually my family could recognize what and why I did, and they could take it easy.

    After saying bye the policeman, I went out and came back my home at 9pm. My wife told me that at 7:30pm Mr. M - the political propagandist of district - invited my wife to go to the coffee shop for discussing some things. Accompany with my wife and Mr. M was Mr. T, the police officer’s Da Nang Police Station. They asked her to persuade me to work together the security officers. My wife was prominent teacher, who was going to be nominated the member of Communist Party. What they talked made her worry and fear.

    My wife and brothers were so nervous. They meant that, my attitude was a backlash against the security officers, and I might be detained. Otherwise I convinced them "only thing we have to fear is fear itself." The authority had to act by law. We had the right to life, liberty and security person. We had the right to refuse what we didn’t like. The authority of democratic constitutions of our state was different the monarch. They must respect their citizens, respect their times and jobs. There were many people who were broken because they didn’t know how to say No, as the authority gave them the invitation paper.

    I have nothing to fear.

    3pm January 16, 2013

    -(The sounds knocked the door) "Mr. Thanh’s at home?"

    -"Yes, I’m here. Who's that?"

    -"We’re police officers of local and city government. We’d like to talk to you."

    -"Come in and take a seat. I’d like to change my clothes."

    They themselves introduced their names, including the ward officer, the local officer, the officers’ PA 61, representatives’s neighborhood. Local police officers who wore their uniforms and badges, but the man who himself introduced Colonel’s PA61 wore his casual clothes.

    They gave me another invitation paper, emphasizing "the second time," asked me to see them at their headquaters’ Da Nang city. On behalf of the state they proved their power, they seemed aggressive, they meant citizens had to coordinate with agencies of government any time the authorities requested.

    I continued to defend my opinions, rejected their unequal relationship that looked like "grandpa" of the authority. I firmly refused their invitation paper. They made the report, asked me to sign. I requested the copy but they said no. I argued that according to democratic constitutions of our state, citizens and authorities are equal. I’d like to sign if I had the copy. Finally, I didn’t sign and they left.

    My target was to tell them, the authorities needed to change their viewpoints. They had to respect the citizens, if they’d like them to coordinate to do something. It was so ridiculous if they "throw" their invitation paper, and we had to hurry up to see them, even though day time or night time. They had to know their action were still gauging the impact on the lives of people, creating chances for harassment, abuse of power by state agencies.

    So nervous was my family! But I was calm.

    Two days later, the teacher who was the cell secretary of my wife’s school invited her to go to the coffee shop. Knowing what related to me, she asked me to accompany with her. She also called Mr M, asked him to go along with us.

    We had leisure time at the coffee shop. We felt free to speak out our views. After that I agreed to set up my time to see police officers’ headquarters. I’d like to show my willingness and responsibility towards the authority. By the way, I was temporary residency, my wife was employee of state, I didn’t want to raise high tension with security agencies.

    8:00am January 22, 2013

    At 8:00am January 22, 2013, I came to Police Station of An Hai Ward. I met Mr T., Mr C., they themselves introduced police officers of PA 61, Da Nang City. When being asked why they didn’t wear their uniforms and their badges, they said no need. In my opinion, the way they did no professional. Nowadays, it was so hard to distinguish between real officers or fake ones. They listened to me, and then claimed their own badges. But I ignored because how I could find out their identities. On the other hand, I felt free to meet them.

    They set up the camera. I sat opposite them. Mr.T took notes. Mr. C asked me. I also used my phone to record our conversation. Because I heard and knew that, the Vietnamese security sector was excellent showing a skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve their goals. We talked about my Hemophilia Club, the process my friends and I established it, the way we contributed and transmitted Hemophilia is a genetic disorder - usually inherited - of the mechanism of blood clotting in our society. They would like to know my role in forming our club, what were our achievements when we explained the cause and symptoms, the diagnosis and treatment to the patients, and what were their benefits, if comparing with the days before, etc.

    At the end of the conversation, they asked me what kinds of newspapers, website, and blogs I’d like to read. And I did have my own facebook or not? I let them knew some, such as Thanh Nien News, Tuoi Tre News, Truong Duy Nhat’s facebook and several various others.

    At 10:30am I wanted to end our meeting for I was busy. They suggested we continued ours at 2:00pm. I said no! I meant I did be the liberal citizen, not a criminal. I had my own business. If I could set up my time I would come, if not I refused, that’s it! The debate broke out between them and me. They used the same ideas the young policeman used to talk with me. I also did expressed my own opinions (that I used to show with their buddy) for they understood what were their duties. They shouldn’t ask citizens "serve" them, because serving people really was their major jobs. Finally, they asked me: "When you can come?" I thought a little bit, and replied: "Friday 25 January 2013."

    Before leaving, I read Mr T’s record, signed to confirm what I said. We all were happy, and I left.

    I knew they wanted to ask the another issue. Hemophilia Club was only the reason they began their investigation. But I didn’t care. Before our appointment, Mr.T called let me knew they had to do their duties, requesting an another. We set up Monday 28 January 2013.

    8:00am January 28, 2013

    At 8:00am Monday 28 January 2013, I came to see them again at the same location. Nothing changed. Both of them, neither their uniforms nor badges, ready to talk to me. They still set up their camera. I still sat opposite them, and recorded our conversation by my phone.

    I told them, I’d like to copy their tape and report for backup file and keeping records. They surprised, and said: "You’re a citizen, we’re representatives of the state. We invite you, you have to be responsible to coordinate with agencies of government. You have no right to ask our documents."

    I replied: "If you’re representatives of the state, I’m representative of citizens and people. According to democratic constitutions of our state, authorities and citizens are equal before the law. We’re partners in our meeting. You keep our detail documents, why I can’t? This is not only the principle of equality, but also the basis to protect citizens’ security. The citizen’s position is the most solid one. The others just serve and protect this. You’re officers of government now, but you’ll retire, you’re also citizens. The most important principle is to protect and serve citizens. If we can serve like this, our society will be prosperous, our country will be peaceful, our people will be free and equal in dignity and rights."

    -"The law doesn’t stipulate us to provide our documents to you."

    -"I volunteer to meet you, I’m not a criminal. If you agree my request, we continue our talks. If not, I leave. I’ll meet my Congressman, or send my letter to Congress for clarifying why our law is so unjust. I can’t coordinate any thing if I'm not treated fair and equal."

    -"Mr. Thanh, let me tells you, you’re nothing. You’s just a small grain of sand in our country. You’re the minority, you have to obey the majority. That’s the law of our country. You must accept."

    -"Well, I’m a small grain of sand, I’m nothing. But we have to respect each of small grain of sand. We can’t throw it way. Yes, the minority submit the majority that’s the principle of democracy, but they submit with their conditions. Who are the minority, they also have their rights. What do you think if 90 percent of the majority claim something, and announce to kill 10 percent of the minority? Laws can add the new rule, or change the old. All I have to do is making an appointment with my Congressman for requesting add, change, or veto some things in our laws. When our laws are fair and equal, we continue our talks."

    During the time we argued, they couldn’t "veto" my incisive disputation, they asked me waiting for them a few minutes, and then went out. I also left my seat, but one policeman stopped me, and asked where I went. I meant I was liberal citizen, not a criminal. I came here for coordinating with his security officers. Now, all done! I left. He said:

    -"Oh, no. I was in charge of staying with you. Please, be patient. Our chiefs are talking with each other."

    We sat around fifteen minutes. The door opened, two officers came back with the new one. He was the old gentleman, and introduced himself Lieutenant-Colonel P., the senior security officer’s PA 61A of Police Station - Da Nang City. I restated what I said.

    The Lieutenant-Colonel agreed: no camera, no record, nothing. (He turned off the camera and took it out.) Mr. P also agreed to give me the copy as I requested, and all will be provided tomorrow. We just talked with each other now. They would like me to help them to know some issues they concerned.

    Talking with the open-minded person like Mr.P, I felt free. They began asking me about internet, web site. They initially questioned about hemophilia issues such as where I research documents related to this disease...They moved step by step on the other issues like facebook, blogs, etc. I knew they’d like to know what is the Vietnam Path Movement.

    -"You know Le Thang Long, Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, don’t you?"

    -"Yes, I met Mr. Long and Mr.Thuc’s family."

    -"At what time you know them?"

    -"I knew them when their case about theft of telecommunication charges broke out, then they were accused of plotting to overthrow the government of Viet Nam. I surprised, searched on line for understanding, and I knew a part of the truth in their case. Reading their articles, I really admired their courage, wisdom, and especially their great mind. As Mr. Long was released from the prison, I visited him when I had a chance to go to Sai Gon for working. That time he took care of his mother, who suffered with her cancer. I admired him for witnessing he devoted his filial piety to his mother."

    -"You know they’re charged guilty? What do you think about their penal offense?

    -"I don’t catch up complete informations, so I can’t say any thing. However, our historical records state that our justice isn’t independent, but it’s good at to accuse falsely of an offender, and shift the responsibilities for it onto his/ her/ them, etc. I don’t know too much about them, but I really admire them. I admire Mr Long for his filial piety. I admire Mr Thuc for his profound knowledge and courage. Any time I remind what he warned about our economy of society, I feel sorry and angry so much. If our government pays attention to what he concerned, may be our country doesn’t fall deeply into serious economic crisis, bankruptcy, unemployment; besides theft and robbery can illustrate high and dry. These helpless situations are without obvious solutions. I think it doesn’t matter if I visit them, and of course, I’m not violating our laws."

    - "You see, we should be happy with our country’s present situation. Our people are miserable that day. The economic crisis breaks out every where, not only our country but Europe and the United States of America are also poverty-stricken."

    -" Maybe you’ve confused between symptoms and cause. If thinking like you, any poor African country or a dictatorial regime can hold up their heads, and claim vainglorious that, every where is poverty and economic crisis as like as theirs."

    -"Well, there’re some people who devote their lives to the country, but there’re also many opportunists, political speculatists, reactionaries against the state. No doubt about it!"

    -"In my opinion, tracking the reactionaires or political opportunists are your duties. I’m a citizen I have the right to visit, or have relationship with any one I admire, on condition that what I do no prohibited by law."

    -"Before meeting you, we know some informations about you. Our society is so complex now. People are now good now bad. If we’re not watchful over our own wrong thinking, we’ll have a mistake."

    -"Thanks for your advise. I’m mature and normal man. I have to be responsible what I do. I also recognize that, the citizen can do what law no prohibits."

    -"We’d like to see every thing’s good for you."

    -"I appreciate your care, but I know what’s right, what’s wrong. I feel uncomfortable, if I was watched out attentively."

    -"What do you think about Mr. Long and Mr. Thuc? Are they real patriots?"

    -"Supposing like this: You're a beautiful lady, a man flirts and says 'I love you.' He really loves you, or just pretends for plotting to 'abuse' or 'to molest' you? Heaven only knows! If you don’t know beans about something, you know nothing about it. You see, not know beans about. Just the priest or the church asked worshipers to confess, and explore their thoughts (for guiding and helping them to solve their own problems). The state rules by law no need and no can do like this. Mr Long and Mr. Thuc are real patriots or they’re just opportunists, I have no idea and no concern because I can’t see hand in front of face. By the way, I admire them not because I know exactly what they do or think, but because I recognize their excellent characters. If they do something wrong, they’ll be remedied by law. And this is your duties. But I hope all of you do your good jobs. Be careful and be responsible. Don’t get the wrong track for harming the true patriots."

    They and I’m chatting some more, then citing so busy I suggested to finish our talks at 9:30am. They meant they’d like to catch up some more facts, and asked me for another meeting. I would see them one more time on Friday 1 February 2013. But I said firmly that I was really busy, I didn’t want to come again and again. It was so unfair they’re paid generously "to explore" me, and I lost my interests for chewing the fat.

    They said: "We work to protect the security of our state."

    I replied: "And I have to work for earning money to survive, and pay tax to build our country."

    Friday 1 February 2013

    On Friday 1 February 2013 I came to Police Station of An Hai Ward talking with with Mr T. Mr C.

    Starting our conversations, I asked to get the copy of my old report and video tape as they pledged. But they changed their mind, and repeated their statements "The law doesn’t stipulate us to provide our documents to you." So uncomfortable was I! I immediately claimed that I ended up our talks. They also aggressive argued. That's too bad. It sounded like I was led by the nose by trick security officers. I determined that I said nothing if I didn’t get my proofs.

    When escalating high tensions, Lieutenant Colonel P.A came in. After talking about citizens’ responsibilities, he suggested I was not only responsible to myself, but aslo taking care of my wife, children and relatives. He secretly reminded me "don’t make them to be involved by my opposite reactions." I knew what was threaten, but I led with my chin, firmly defended my decision.

    Finally they meant their department baned to copy any documents. They would only destroyed my video and report. That’s it! I accepted their compromise. Another report was made which determined that, all records and video on 8am January 22, 2013 were no longer valid. We continued our talks.

    -"Besides your hemophilia club, you still attend to any kinds of organizations, don’t you?"

    -"Nothing. But I’d like to participate in many forums, for example information technology forum, "flirting" forum, and some of discussing ones like The Viet Nam Path Movement."

    - "When did you jointed The Viet Nam Path Movement?"

    -"You invited me for "clarifying some of issues related to Hemophilia Club," we need to focus this matter, don’t go against the grain."

    -"In additional to know what’s the activities of your hemophilia club , we’d also like to find out other issues. You should be obliged to answer for security agency."

    -"I’m sorry, I have no such obligation. You invited me talking about what, I was willing to mention it. If you’d like to talk another topic, why you didn’t write clearly your target in my invitation paper?"

    -"You know, we’d like to ask you about security issues, they’re not only touching your hemophilia club, but also others."

    -"Alright! I’d like to get an invitation paper for this."

    -"No problem. You’ll come across with paper you’re looking for. But time flies, Tet will come soon. Our major point is concerning about security for people to celebrate our traditional holidays. How come we don’t solve what we’re talking first?"

    No need to argue too much, I agreed. They called their administrative department of security agency, and I got another invitation paper very quick. It stamped Police Agency’s red sign with clearly reason "meeting about security issues." I’d like to use it to illustrate this article, (but they kept it back after our meeting. Reason: I had to show my invitation paper when entering their office, and they need to collected it. I got a copy but its seal was dark, no longer red like the origin.)

    - "What time you joined The Viet Nam Path Movement?"

    - "I’m not sure. Around July or August...,or something like that."

    - "How do you know The Viet Nam Path Movement? Have you ever contacted Mr. Long, Mr. Thuc previously?"

    -"Oh, LOL! Sources of any kinds of informations are like massive flood on internet. Just a day I can update the Viet Nam Path Movement’s news, its policy and purporse, and how to register to be its member through my facebook. Its principles promote "Human Rights" that sound very interesting. Nobody shows me those in the past. I study carefully the Constitution of Viet Nam, current laws of Viet Nam, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ...,I know The Viet Nam Path Movement completely no violate our state’s constitution and laws. You know, Viet Nam was member state of the United Nation since 1982 - that year I was born - but I know nothing, even though I graduated my university. I still know Viet Nam has pledged itself to achieve, in co-operation with the United Nations, and it has to respect and carry out its. If law of Viet Nam was contradictories, the Universal Declaration of Human Right has to apply priority. You know, I really see our laws have many unclear things, if comparing with modern and civilized world."

    They seemed uncomfortable because of my voice. They transferred another question.

    - "You yourself joined it or you’re persuaded to do this?"

    -"I myself study and joined it. (They questioned so much about this, it seemed they wanted to prove I was induced, for example.)

    -"What’s your role in the Viet Nam Path Movement? Are you its member?"

    -"The Viet Nam Path Movement is neither an organization nor a party. People joined no related to closely as members of the Communist Party, for example. If you like, be its participant. If not, forget it. It has no rules, no structure permanent membership or regulation. We no need to be responsible, faithful, disciplined, constrainable, etc. Being its member, I can share, read, comment, write articles about human rights. If I’m so busy, I ignore it. That’s it."

    -"You know every one, don’t you? Who are they? What are they?"

    - "Well, I joined because of its point-of-view. It’s not only me, those who share its goals can be its members. Who are who, what they do, I have no mention. All I surely recognize is they think about human rights like me. You know, life is large than we think. Some times you’d like to keep in touch or coordinate to do business with some one else, not because you know exactly what they want, but because you feel "harmonizable" with his / her. I’m sorry but I need to say one thing. I see our security officers usually assume that: if you related to a criminal that means you’re a criminal, too. No! You’re wrong if you think like this. By the way, I know some people of the Viet Nam Path Movement. They’re Mr. Huynh - Mr.Thuc’s father - and Mr. Long."

    -"You got payment when being its member?"

    -"I volunteer to join the Viet Nam Path Movement, for its goals match my opinions. Payment? No! Money? Oh yeah, I think a friend in need is a friend indeed. That’s it."

    -"You’re from your village to the city for living, you’re temporary residency, you should focus your business, no need to involve or joint any kinds of movements, you may be have trouble. You’re an educated man. Your wife’s nominated to be member of the Communist Party, and you can get benefit. You have Resident Registration Book, don’t you?"

    -"Thank you for your comments. Of course, we should have to take care of our family, our parents, and our children. The business is the most important thing to every one. But in our state the intellectuals’ circles, or those who can understand and recognize human rights are not much. We’re educated, we have to be responsible sharing what we know for every organ of society. Fox example, I was inherited hemophilia, I may bleed inside my body (internally). I only can live because of method of screening and treating donated blood. Maybe those who donate their blood for surviving me are poor and miserable, but they’re willing to help patients like me. If I know "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." *, and I say nothing. Who’ll voice to poor and illiterate people? How our country can get process measures for changing the fate of the poor?"

    -"It’s obviously each country each difficulty. Europe or North America is the same. But every thing will be fine, life’ll be happier." (They used their casuistries, the way I usually heard supporters of the Communist Party said).

    - "You write articles, when you join it?"

    -"Yes, I do write some."

    -"What kinds of topics you write?"

    -"I can’t remember for writing a lot. But my topics mention human rights, laws, some relate to prominent figures I admire such as Kim Ngoc, Tran Huynh Duy Thuc."

    They’re happy, try to concentrate and emphasize what I wrote.

    They took four articles out of their portfolio; all of them were printed from Viet Nam Path Movement and Dan Luan forums, such as: "Looking At Tran Huynh Duy Thuc and thinking of Kim Ngoc," "Law and its loopholes," "Human Rights or Fate," "Human Rights, arms fight against abuse of power." They asked me whether I have written them? I replied maybe they’re mine, but I only remembered general titles and contents. I couldn’t get exactly every single words, and I also couldn’t find out even though they’re changed or added.

    Suggesting stop our talks for I had my own affairs. As like as last times they seemed unpleasant, but agreed. They said:

    -"You see, we’re open minded, respect you, depend on your time for setting up our meeting. Don’t be stress, please. We no intend to hurt you. You should believe us."

    -"I have nothing to be nervous. Lenin said: "Trust is good. But control is better." I’m Lenin’s fan, I have to control matters. Requesting one copy I want to protect myself and control what we talked together. Being an engineer, I pay attention to the system. If you’re in bad system of human resource management, even though your organization has some good people or elements, all were nothing, they would be eliminated. You may be good officers, but who never know what’ll be tomorrow. One day you’ll be transferred another place. Newcomers succeed your positions, and they’re bad persons. If they want to build the evidence against me, how can I do?"

    Listening to me, the top senior officer among them said:

    -"The authority always hopes the best things for its citizens, never want to harm them."

    -" The day before I can believe what you say, but now it’s better to keep a weather eye on every thing / everyone than trust them. Honestly, my village has many police officers who beat the citizen to death in their station. Many people are victims of glaring injustice, had to go the prison, no can defend themselves. Nowadays searching for clues on internet, I know this issue is really add fuel to the fire."

    -"On the one hand you saw several security officers handled their duties so good, but on the other hand you also witnessed the others acted so cruel. But those things happened in the past. Now, if government made mistake, it had to be responsible. For example, people were coercived their bonsai garden in Quang Ngai, the authority had to apologize and compensate to them."

    - "Yes, they had to claim for being responsible. But with me, what Lenin said are worthwhile."

    -" You should keep secret what we talk. We only want to know some matters relating to you, just find out them, no act any thing. If you speak out public, make them be concerned by the people as a whole, maybe they will create unforeseen problems. Then you see, all were good for you after we met each other. Generally, we know you contributed so great about hemophilia symptom and cause in our state, particularly in Da Nang city." (I smiled in my sleeve when listening to what they said. Supposing whether the authority recognized what was my talent, they investigated my personel informations and thoughts, then appointed to me the high position with great salary and benefits.)

    - "But I think our judicial system isn’t independent, the government from top to bottom look likes birds of a feather fly together, nothing is better than relying on public opinions to protect myself. I surely share our meeting with my buddies whether I would be kidnapped and put in prison, or I would dead even though no intending to commit suicide, etc. There’s still people who know my situation."

    I said half joking half serious, so every one feel cheerful without tension. After talking some more and also making another appointment, I left.

    My phone in my pocket wrapped up to record our conversation, even though it wouldn’t get high quality and its function wasn’t doing this. I though of Lenin, he obviously was wordly-wise as stating: "Trust is good. But control is better." I wondered why a great man like him to establish the state with fatal hole, and people had no ways to control the governmental authority deep will call to deep. My friend used to say that: "human beings even though talents or 'gods' were enchanted by power. The supreme power was sovereign dullness."

    At 8am 06 February 02, 2013 would be my next appointment. I didn’t know what was going on? What obstacles would happen? As the actress K.C said: "Keeping safe from ballista is easier than to avoid people’s deviousness." Her comment was another expression what Lenin stated: "Trust is good. But control is better." Finally, I’d like to say that, the security officers who met and talked to me were friendly. All of them respected citizens, knew law of state, and no showed "mischievous" actions as I used to see some of their comrades did. They concerned about current events, and people’s hardships. They’d like to see the development of country, and hope people be happy, peaceful, and prosperous. Two persons among them were over 50-year-old. They spent their lives in war time, "benefited" difficulties of "great paranoia" time. They could listen to me and accepted what I meant, because they knew history and caught up clearly many facts in our past.



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