Mr. X and The Grand Battle in Đà Nẵng (or the Blow by the Name of “Three-Trillion VND Land Mismanagement”)

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    Feb 01, 2013
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    From Han Times Blog
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    It was rather tragic for the jackass heaven during the last days of the Year of the Dragon. For the first time, an administrative unit at province-level defied the Prime Minister, completely dismissing the Government Inspectorate’s (GI) allegation of three trillion VND wrongdoing in land management .

    Yesterday, while dozing off I was awakened mid-course by the news report on VTV announcing that the Prime Minister decided to make public the GI’s findings of wrongdoing in land management in Đà Nẵng. So, the game of dismemberment has begun, just after Bê grabbed Thanh and dragged him to Hà Nội for a new job. Even before the sacred sword for the Internal Affairs Commission was put to use, the GI lost no time in striking first to send Bá Thanh a good warning.

    The A2-A3 lot at the start of Sơn Trà - Điện Ngọc Resettlement Compound where the Government Inspectorate found wrongdoing. Photo by Đăng Nam - Tuổi Trẻ Magazine

    This evidently led to a rather comical recognition in the jackass country: that everybody is now in for a bloody fight; the Party (our side) and the government (the other side) are going to fight big time this round. Sure, everybody will strike bloody hell wherever they can. Forget brothers or comrades. Forget the beautiful slogan of mutual help for the common good of all.

    Prof Trọng’s policy of leading by shining examples has failed, at least in appearance.

    In face of adversity, it does not look like Thanh lets it bother him at all. First of all, his power base in Đà Nẵng is pretty solid. Secondly, he got mighty good support from the Internal Affairs group. His man, Mr. Văn Hữu Chiến, has resoundingly rebutted the findings of the Government Inspectorate’s report.

    The citizens of jackass country excitedly join forces in praising Thanh and denouncing Mr. X. They are tired of Mr. X and want him gone immediately and permanently. Many believe that Thanh has what it takes to restore the people’s long lost faith in the regime.

    This is a really exciting time. What will follow? Please chime in with your opinions.

    1. “Their side” has declared war with “our side”, not just with Bá Thanh. See:

    a. “Their side” had the GI findings as early as November 19, 2012, and received instruction to classify the document as “Secret”.

    b. “Our side” received Decision 655-QĐNS/TW dated December 28, 2012 for Bá Thanh’s new appointment. On the afternoon of January 8, 2013, “our side”, led by President Sang, issued outstanding evaluation and praise for Thanh, most notably, “The President emphatically stated that Đà Nẵng has essentially achieved great success and impressive landmarks in social and economic development, and established a stable political system which ensures leadership of the Party, our government, the Fatherland Front, and other organizations…”

    c. Just five days later, “their side” received instruction to make public the GI findings on all public channels of the media. The way they chose the (local) time and place to do this proves clearly that “they” want to hit “us” below the belt. So, brothers, go ahead and strike back freely!

    2. In summary, despite the years and the tons of people’s money both “their side” and “our side” spent on learning to “live up to the teachings”, unfortunately “protecting solidarity within the Party as if we are protecting the apple of our eye” would be the last thing on our mind today.

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