Emergent notice Alerts Blogger Lê Anh Hùng’s Fate

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    Feb 01, 2013
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    By FB Bùi Thị Minh Hằng

    English Version by Tâm Như, The Editor of Dân Luận On Line News

    Blogger Lê Anh Hùng

    At 1am Thursday January 24, 201, I posted this message in my personal facebook, let all of you know Le Anh Hung's fate.

    Please share this emergent message to every people all over the world .

    And if who are Lê Anh Hung's relatives and closest friends, please let us know more than his situation and his contact phone.

    Today January 24, 2013, around 10am, Le Anh Hung is detained by six Hung Yen police. They took him out of his temporary shelter, and also his working place. The reason is "investigate his temporary residency" – But from that time until now, he isn’t released and no one know what’s going on his fate.

    The police’s actions are illegal...and what they do can be DANGER to Le Anh Hung’s securiy. Because every one knows, he accused 70 times the serious crimes that related Vietnamese senior leaders of the government. For this reason, I would like to ask every one who concern, monitor, and speak out to protect Le Anh Hung. He is our brother, our friend, and our comrade.

    I don’t know any information about Le Anh Hung in this time. All I can do now is post my message to notice us: Le Anh Hung is detained this morning. If you know any thing about Le Anh Hung’s fate, PLEASE BREAK YOUR SILENCE.

    Lê Anh Hùng (right) hold banner besides Ms Minh Hằng
    in the last protest on December 9, 2012

    **. The lastest news received from Le Anh Hung’s friends – Please read and break your silence.





    On Thursday January 23, 2013 at 10:30am – according to witnesses – the police included one people wore uniform, and 5 people wore casual clothes, rode INOVA vehicle to HVT company at Van Lam district, Hung Yen province, ask the manager "to see Le Anh Hung for his temporary residency & absence." The owner this company is Mr. Hoang Van Trung. The director called Le Anh Hung, and the police took him.

    From that time until now, his co-workers are noticed: "Le Anh Hung was been Ha Noi Metal Camp."

    How brutal and unjustified the police acted! Any one who know and see Le Anh Hung, they all recognize that he doesn’t show any mental symptom. He can’t be an "insane" person, if we witness what he does work in his daily day. But every one knows, Le Anh Hung firmly pursued the accused cases and files that related to several Vietnamese senior leaders up to 70 times, but no one who lead the government shows their actions, even thought his claims are right or wrong.

    Detaining and taking Le Anh Hung to "mental" camp means that: NAIL IN THE COFFIN.

    We, all the people, are humans of conscience. We can not ignore, or refuse to take notice of the wicked and brutal crime of the Vietnamese authorities. We do need to speak up to defend our struggle.

    We, all the people, do need to speak up immediately let our community as well as international human rights organizations, that catch up Le Anh Hung’s case.

    We, all the people, do immediately call, send e-mail to foreign embassies and consulates, let them know, observe, and pursue the Vietnamese police’s illegal action.



    Le Anh Hung is detained at:

    Complex: Social Support II Ha Noi Center
    Address: Viên An, Ứng Hòa, Hà Nội
    Phone: 0433.771135 – 0433.771136
    Director: Đỗ Tiến Vượng
    Deputy Director: Lê Công Vinh

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