No-U Sent Their Letter To Ms Huỳnh Thị Sinh, The Widow of Late Lieutenant Colonel Nguỵ Văn Thà

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    Feb 01, 2013
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    *. Vietnamese Original News by NO-U

    *. English Version by Tran Thi Ngự

    Dear Ms. Huỳnh Thị Sinh

    We are sons and daughters of Vietnam, and with our hearts heading to the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa we would like to send you and your family our best wishes for peace and happiness!

    Thirty nine years ago, on 01/19/1974, Lieutenant Colonel Nguỵ Văn Thà, the Captain of Naval Ship Nhật Tảo HQ-10 was killed along with his seventy three soldiers in an unequal battle against Chinese invaders to protect the Hoang Sa Islands. Since then, the entire Hoang Sa Islands fell into the invaders’ hands.

    We were deeply moved by the heroic sacrifice of your husband. His sacrifice for our Fatherland was the most glorious sacrifice and became a model for future generations to follow in the protection of the Fatherland of the Vietnamese.

    Dear Ms. Huỳnh Thị Sinh,

    We are very glad that in recent years, the Hoang Sa incident has been mentioned and discussed, helping many people know about it for the first time, and the value of the incident has been gradually return to its true nature.

    On 7/24/2011, a demonstration occurred in Hanoi to honor Mr. Nguỵ văn Thà and his soldiers who died for Hoang Sa and those who died for the protection of Truong Sa fourteen years later.

    On 07.27.2011, a memorial ceremony to honor those who sacrificed to protect our Fatherland was held in Saigon, and you were invited to attend it. The ceremony showed our gratefulness to all soldiers who lost their lives in the fight against invaders from the northern border, the southwest border and at Hoang Sa and Truong Sa.

    Those who died for the fatherland belonged to our Lac Hong race, and there is no reason to treat them differently because of the different political regimes under which they served.

    We believe that sooner or later, our country will pay appropriate honor to your husband and his soldiers who died in the war to protect the Paracels.

    Even though the bodies of Lieutenant Colonel Nguỵ Văn Thà and his soldiers are still at sea, they are resting in our Mother Earth (fatherland), though the place is occupied by the enemy.

    On the death anniversary of your husband, we will look toward the Eastern Sea and pray for him and his soldiers to express our gratitude to those who died in the Hoang Sa Naval War.

    Though currently we are unable to keep the islands, we will find ways to take them back to our country in this generation or the next generations.

    Dear Ms. Huỳnh Thị Sinh,

    We know that after husband died when you were at a very young age, you stayed single to raise three daughters, and currently your life is still facing difficulty. We learned that the apartment where you live had been torn down and rebuilt so many times, and its current condition is still unknown. Anyhow, we hope you have a peaceful life, and you should take pride of being a hero’s wife.

    Joining this letter are those who love Vietnam and have a burning love for the Vietnamese people, including the soldiers who fought the war on the opposite side of Mr. Ngụy văn Thà's. Anyhow, all the soldiers were not at fault because, regardless of their side, they merely performed their civic duty in the regime they belonged to during the painful period of our national history, and when they understood, they did not consider those on the other side of the battle as their enemies.

    We would like to wish you peace and good health for the new year, so that you will continue doing good things to serve our Fatherland.

    Please extend our new year's greetings to your three daughters, who, because of the sacrifice of your husband for the country, lost their father at a very young age.

    And please join us to shout a slogan that we shouted on the streets of Hanoi on 24/07/2011:

    Ngụy văn Thà is immortal!


    *. Tran Thi Ngự gửi lúc 08:12, 20/01/2013 - mã số 77108


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