Mr. Hồ Cương Quyết And The Trip For Releasing Film "Hoàng Sa - The Sufer Of Loss"

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*. Vietnamese Original News by Hồ Gươm

*. English Version by Tâm Như, The Editor of Dân Luận On Line News



Within two days: Friday Januaray 11, 2013 at Folamava -the small village in The Cezh Republic- and Saturday January 12, 2013 at Erfurt City in Germany, Mr. André Menras – also known as Mr. Ho Cuong Quyet and also the director of the film - continued to contact with Vietnamese local residents, for friendly talking and sharing about the content of the film "Hoang Sa: The Suffer Of Loss," that would release in those areas. He also asked Vienamese people, who resided in foreign countries to donate for supporting Vietnamese fishermen, as Tet - The Vietnamese Traditional Holiday - will come soon. The Vietnamese fishermen, who were victims had to bear aggressive and rude actions by Chinese military at the islands, that inherited the sovereignty of Viet Nam.

There are some of photos about two times of releasing film as follows:

The film released at Ha Noi Restaurant that was located in the area of the market. Even though the total amount of audiences, who took part of the event, were rather humble (just more than 20 people), but at the end of the show they donated 600 euros to the fishermen. The show was organized sudden and very quick, because the schedule changed in the late minute. Therefore let us could set up and released the film, we would like to appreciate some generous people such as Mr. Anh, Ms Nga, Ms Hoa, who really supported and helped us. The enthusiastic people as like as them, that made Mr. Ho Cuong Quyet had to move his tears. He would like to write his special impressions about kind persons, he was proud of meeting in this trip for releasing his film.

Mr. Ho Cuong Quyet was going to promote his film at the Vietnamese market along the border in Folmava (The The Cezh Republic)

People were going to prepare anxiously, before the time released the film at Green Tree Restaurant.

Mr. Bui Huu Trung, the oragnizers’ representative, talked briefly about the director of the film, before releasing the film.

More than 60 people came to see the film

…and donated for helping Vietnamese fishers who lost their husbands, their sons and their tools for fishing by Chinese military's invasion.

After the film was released, there was the dialogue between him and his audiences. Mr. Ho Cuong Quyet shared his courageously truthful and sincere words to everyone, who presented in the event. In that time, there were many people, who showed their deep respects with his great efforts, as he carried the message of his film every where, and his target was to lift up the patriotism in each Vietnamese people’s mind. He also asked them to share and help the Vietnamese fishermen by their own ability and finance. The donation of Vietnamese people who lived in Erfur City was 1.500 euros, especially Ms Huyen’s Dong Tam Temple who donated 500 euros in that total donation.

Perhaps the event would got much more successfully, if it was not prevented by some one's bad actions. They slandered and disturbed some Vietnamese persons’ informations, who accompanied with Mr. Ho Cuong Quyet to set up the show. The most severe and bad actions that showed by Mr. Hoang Van Phuc, the president of The Vietnamese People Association of Erfurt City. He announced the notice, printed and asked his partners to past up them on the walls around the area of the Vietnamese market. His notice with untrue facts, that aimed to stop Vietnamese people attending to see the film, and prevented them to donate for helping the Vietnamese fishermen.

Mr. Ho Cuong Quyet criticized Mr. Hoang Van Phuc’s actions. He said, the president of Vietnamese People Association in Erfurt City abetted invadable Chinese military, one again to fire our Vietnamese poor fishermen.

However, Mr. Ho Cuong Quyet said, the solicitudes of Vietnamese people, who attended to support his film, was the most important thing. They and he talked for hours after ending the show that emphazised his comments. He moved his tears because he recognized Vietnamese people’s enthusiasm, especially Ms Huyen’s who led the worship of prayer to his human work as he directed the film "Hoang Sa: The Suffer Of Loss," and even his later works.

Leaving when it began the new day, we departed at 2:30am. Our long travel was hundreds of miles. It made us feel pretty tired, but our hearts were full of delight.

We desirous saw each other in the near future. We believed our specific and realistic actions would come true, not only we would be able to achieve, but because our friends (both the old and new ones) would be the wind beneath our wings.

Tâm Như gửi hôm Thứ Sáu, 01/02/2013
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